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"One of Jennifer's greatest strengths is the breadth of her talents. She can do everything from user research to design, to implementation and usability testing.”

- Elaine McCann, Usability Architect, Quattro Wireless February 23, 2009

"Jennifer has exceptional design and usability instincts. She is incredibly professional, well-organized and passionate about the ultimate success of a given feature or product."

- Erik Bator, Principal User Interface Designer, RSA Security Inc. September 13, 2007


I am an independent User Experience Design Consultant. I offer full life-cycle software and website development support with an emphasis on usability.

What is User Experience Design?

User Experience Design is a discipline in which design decisions are based on the user's specific needs. The User Experience Designer helps the design team identify and understand their users, making design decisions and modifications accordingly.

Only when a website, software application, or even physical product is designed with the user in mind, can it be intuitive to use and ultimately successful in the marketplace.

The Life-Cycle

Discovery, Definition, Design, Testing Discovery Phase Definition Phase Design Phase Testing Phase
  • The Discovery phase focuses on understanding the product under design, the target audience (or users), and the specific needs and behaviors of those users.
  • The Definition phase is where we boil it all down: using our early discoveries, we define what exactly we aim to build (as well as what we will not be building).
  • In the Design phase, we build; we often revisit our early discoveries and sometimes find we need to learn more about specific areas of user behavior.
  • The Usability phase works best when it is tightly integrated with the design phase; this process of design and test -> design and test -> design and test, is refered to as iterative design.

Business Considerations

Based on the project, different elements of each phase can be combined to design a usable product with a positive user experience; all the while meeting tight deadlines, business objectives, the needs of multiple stakeholders and budgetary constraints. Employing user experience design techniques early in your product develoment cycle can save costly errors and redesigns down the road.


I have begun offering web design services to small business and not-for-profits. One of the most difficult challenges facing these types of organizations, apart from funding, is keeping their online information correct, up-to-date, and relevant.

I offer an affordable solution. Simple websites, built on the wordpress platform to be easily maintainable. All of this comes with a custom design and professional IA process.

Example Website: